Tuesday, 3 July 2012

What makes Recycled Art a Prospering Business?

Scrap metal – Iron, steel, brass, copper and aluminum are used in making different recycled art. Making art from scrap has become a prospering business these days. This is due to the benefits of re-using scrap metal into art as well as the things one can make from scrap metal.

Advantages of Scrap metal recycling

Scrap metal can be used for various purposes, such as: gutter lids, scrap metal art furniture, bridges, sculptures, and many other useful and artistic things. Artists all over the world are using scrap metal in their art projects.

  • Scrap Metal Art protects the Environment:
  • Art from scrap has many advantages. It reduces environmental pollution and prevents global warming. Scrap metal is re-used in different ways which protects the environment as well as reduces the cost and energy on making different things. Recycled art also saved energy, as it takes more energy and cost in using new material for making metal sculptures and furniture.
  • Cost Reduction:
  • A huge cost of production is possible by reusing the scrap metal. Besides the production and manufacturing cost, if scrap metal art also saves money spent in recycling. New and unused metal is quite expensive where as the scrap metal, is quite affordable, and sometimes one can get it for free if anyone just wants to dispose them off for free.
  • A New way of Earning:
  • Some people offer their services for collecting scrap metal and charge for disposing. Many times, they use the scrap metal for making different things instead of disposing. This has made a new way of earning and recycling in this adverse economic situation worldwide.
  • Recycled Art prevents massive use of Natural Resources:
  • Making art from scrap metal also saves the natural resources which are otherwise used for making various things. The re-use of the old metal saves natural resources in a very large scale.

    Is there any Use of Sculptures made from Metal?

    Sculptures, statues and robotic figures made from scrap metal are being widely made all over the world. Have you ever wondered why people are making sculptures with scrap metal when one can make many other things from scrap metal? Well, sculptures are not that useless as we often think. Skeletal figures of human beings as well as animals can be made from scrap metal instead of using plastic, porcelain and other materials. These skeletal figures or sculptures can be used in a biology class to explain the students about the structure of bones in a body or used in a history class to explain the adverse effects of war and nuclear bomb. The color of rusted scrap metal skeletal would look exactly like a corpse of an atomic bomb blast victim.

    What about making sculpture characters of Star wars, SPARTAN Warrior, Spiderman, are they of any use? Yes, they are. The statues and scrap metal sculptures of the alien, super heroes, and robot characters in movies, animations and comic books can be used for selling outside the cinemas, movie fairs, books stores and also art and craft exhibitions. Teenagers are very fond of super hero figures like Spiderman, superman, batman and alien and robot figures that they see in movies like Terminator, Transformers, Wall-E, Star Wars and Predators etc. They often want to be or have such figures with them, either to play with them or simply to place these sculptures as decoration items in their room. Some people use metallic sculptures as a paper weight while some place them on their coffee table to impress the guests.

    How are Sculptures made from Scrap Metal?

    Making sculptures from scrap is not as easy as it seems. First of all, the artists think if the idea and sketch a layout or design of the concept on paper. After that they look for the desired or suitable scrap metal that can be wielded. Mostly they use the scrap metal that of wreckage and useless metal items that they find in the junk yards, car garage, motor bikes, building materials, and broken metal pipes etc. Then the scrap metal is wielded together to give the required design and shape. After this the sculptures are cleaned and polished. No doubt scrap metal art is quite time consuming but the product is really worth it. Do not you think so?


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