Monday, 11 June 2012

Decorate your house and scare away uninvited guests with Scrap Metal Art?

Recycled art is of many used. It not only reduces cost on recycling and space on landfills but also helps a person in earning extra money by making interesting and creative things from scrap metal.

Let’s make Transformers robot Bumblebee!

Have you seen the movie Transformers? Most of us has seen it and love Bumblebee the robot character, right? Do you know that this famous robot was a result of scrap metal art? Would you also like to make a replica of this famous robot? They used Camaro car in the movie to make the statue. But you can try making it from any of your old car. Make use of your leisure time by making art from scrap from the old cars. You can make sculptures, like Transformers, and other movie robot characters either for selling them or gifting them to children, especially on Halloween. Some people have erected scrap metal art sculptures in their gardens and lawns. Imagine entering a friend’s house and get greeted by a huge scrap metal art statue figure at the entrance, would not it be exciting!

Scrap metal art Park!

We can also use scrap metal art sculptures in children parks and even gardens. Yes growing creepers on statue structures made from scrap metal would look very handsome. In this modern age of technology, children hardly feel like playing out door games or like visiting parks and gardens. All they find interesting is to watch their favourite cartoons and movies or to play video games on computer devices, Sony PlayStation, Game boy and Xbox etc. Parents too have neglected the importance of physical activity. They find it comfortable to see children sitting near them having their eyes glued to the screen of these gaming devices. One can make swings, slides, see saw etc from scrap metal, to attract children towards these parks. This will be healthy for the children. The children will be fascinated to be among scrap metal art robots in front of them, which they usually see on the television shows and movies.

Decorating a teenager’s room

Is your teenager demanding you to redesign and renovate his room? Then why not do this for him on his birthday, to give him a big surprise! Yes, you can make use of all left over pieces of metal that you find around you such as; unwanted steel metal kitchen utensils and pots, parts of broken and damaged bikes and scrap from cars etc. In fact any scrap metal can be used along with other materials to make amazing robots and metal sculptures. You can make that sculptor stand at a corner of the boy’s room, or perhaps in front of the door. Some people make bookshelves and CD holders from scrap metal. They look wonderful. You can do this too! Recycled art is really amazing, you can be as creative as you like. For instance, you can also make cute robots like that you have seen in Spielberg’s movie ‘Batteries’. For such types of robot sculptures, you can sue any scrap metal, broken or discarded parts of computer, windscreen wipes, food processor or anything that you find useless in your house. You can make eyes from the caps of the plastic bottles of fizzy and use the bottles for making limbs of these sculptures.

Do you want to scare away uninvited Guests?

Do you know that you can also make study and side table lamps with recycled art. Yes, if you are good at wiring then you can insert a bulb in place of eyes of a scrap metal robot. This will fright your uninvited guests.

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