Monday, 26 November 2012

Turn Your Room into Star Wars’ Galaxy

George Lucas’ epic Star War has always been passionately praised due to its acute originality and beautifully grafted storyline. This is the very movie which, ever since its first release, has altogether changed the movie culture of the world. Though idea of supernatural wasn’t any new for the then audience, but it was rather restricted to angels, fairies and magic lands. Ever expanding galaxies, epic space heroes and alien villains were not much on the scene.

Now, star wars haven’t only changed the whole Hollywood film making culture, it also has influenced our living styles. We love to be surrounded by accessories that are somehow related to star wars saga. There are star wars art based resorts and restaurants where people sit and dine. But this is not all. Young boys dream to be always surrounded by star wars characters and furnishings. So this article brings ideas of how to turn your home into one of star wars galaxies.

Star Wars themed Room:

If you are kicking off an idea of making a star wars themed rooms, we can get on it right here, right now. With so many star wars sculptures and decoration accessories available out in market, it literally looks odd to decorate walls with few star wars posters only. Recycled art is one of the coolest and biggest sources of making these star wars art pieces.
    1- First, start off with painting your room with all black. This will help creating a look of dark galaxies shown in star wars. Don’t worry, it won’t ever remain pure black.
    2- Add stars and planets to give your space a real audience. Though you can always have them pained on the walls with relevant paint colors, yet it’s interesting to use shooting stars and revolving planets and space themed moon in the form of pendants suspended from the ceiling. If you have seen pieces of art from scrap , you will realize that you can use gears and round globes to make ones for yourself.
    3- Now bring your line of characters into the room. Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Strom Trooper are some of my personal favorites from Star Wars. You can also choose the company that you love to be with. Again, these sculptures can be made from sci-fi art.
    4- Add frames and pictures so that a real professional scene is created. Use nice combination of lights so that a perfect ambience effect is created.
Support Recycling Art and Save Future:

Recycling, traditionally, implies breaking down used items into raw materials and then using those materials for brand new purposes. Similarly, recycling art refers to breaking used items into raw materials but using them for making pieces of art. Scrap metal artists use various junk metal articles such as nails, nuts, gears, chains, washers etc, and make sculptures and articles related to movie art.

Recycled art is most beautiful art and rather important in modern pretexts as well. From papers to plastics and from glass to metals, we produce huge wastes every day. It’s all getting alarmingly critical every next year. Skies are already burnt and oceans are polluted. It’s time to revitalize whole course of world affairs and recycled art is a challenging step towards better and pleasant future.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Recycled Art

Where Recycled Metal Becomes Unique Art!
Our Los Angeles based company offers you the most unique and detailed Scrap Sculptures on the market. 
We specialize in Scrap metal art, metal crafts and scrap sculptures like Star Wars, Terminator Statue, Transformers, Alien, Predator, Sci-fi Art, all made from recycled scrap metal.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Small House? Let’s Make it Look Beautiful and Bigger

There are not much super-sized houses or apartments to live in. Most of us have to live in small spaces where many hours are spent contemplating different ways we could make our smaller spaces seemed bigger. Usually we think to open up walls, add windows, and dump things down so that use of space may be maximized.
It’s about remodeling our homes. Something like, living more in lesser space! And good thing is that it’s always possible to do so. If available space is used smartly, even a small room can appear visually large and comfortable. And if by any means, you are expert with Recycled Art and have inspiration for Metal crafts, you are sure to have the best out of your living house.

Live Large in Smaller Spaces:

How can we make our room bigger? Perhaps, we should break down the walls separating two adjacent rooms and turn those rooms into one bigger room. And perhaps, we should also dump every useless thing out of the door and things of some use be hidden out of sight. Ok. Lesser furniture would make apartment look large and all white color pallet too would flesh out the available space.
All things mentioned above, with an exception of one, don’t help at all and just waste of time, energy and of course money. Intelligently coupling of furnishes and trappings and smart selection of color schemes can create fetching space with flair. Let’s start remodeling with color rules.

Color Rules:

In fact there are no color rules. Just make sure that you choose very clear and sharp clears. Such colors increase the openness and clarity of the available space. A different dark color on one wall also makes it recede and expand smaller space visually. Contrasting dark colors over your furnishings and trappings will increase depth and detail in your room.

Slim, airy and open Furniture Articles

Keep your furnishings slim and smart. A bulky bed room in a small room gives no breath and sleep, but only nightmares. Choose small-scale articles of furniture; armless chairs, armless sofas are less bulky and allow more people to sit in. Besides while choosing your stylish furniture articles, don’t think square as such furniture makes corners useless. There are metal craft artists who can make any type of metal recycled art from things that have caught up all your space.
These crafts may include little wire rolling carts, hooks and lamp tables, ottomans e, vertical tiered wire storages etc. The key here is to keep these articles as much airy as possible so that they take little floor space. This way, these articles won’t visually weigh heavy. And the other thing is they must be multi-functional.

General Tips:
Besides these tricks, follow these general tips.
    1- Bumped out windows and doors opening outward are great way to enlarge the available space in any room.
    2- Use mirrors intelligently. Set them in a way they reflect open and bright images and not the clattered corners etc.
    3- Use nooks and crannies and staircase built-ins. This will allow you to use waste space properly.
    4- Remove the walls that don’t bear any loads. This will help erasing impressions of closed in box and open things up.
    5- And last but not the least, be stylish. By this, I mean follow a set of theme. For example if you are fan of sci-fi art , use your color decors and furniture that comes from your favorite sci-fi movie.
If you too are living in small room, it’s a confession time! You must have shown some great intelligence to maximize the use of your little available living space. Share your ideas and experiences with us.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Scrap Metal Art and its Newer Dimensions

You know what’s common among air clocks, lamps, tire rims, stoves, bicycles, car jacks, washers, crates, tie pins, coins, metal card holders, chains, gears, file cabinet and every other thing on earth? Sooner or later, they all turn into junk, trash and waste. Phew! Things are worth keeping as long as they are alive to some purpose and when they die to the purpose they are kept for, they are dumped and go to trash.
As soon as things become trash and waste, intelligent people rid themselves from them. But not all the people are always same intelligent. Some are more! And these more intelligent guys formally known as scrap metal artists turn this trash into treasures. Yes, I mean treasures.

Metal Crafts vs. Scrap Metals:

From Gold to Iron and from Tin to lead, all are metals. And when we say metal crafts, they mean metal objects made of any metals resting in Periodic Table. But when we specifically talk about scrap metals, we are talking about metals that are not alive to any further use in their existing form.
So these scrap metals are left with two options. First option remains recycling these scrap metals into newer shapes useful with other equipments. The other option is to use these scrap metals for making art from scrap. You must have seen amazing card movie character sculptures, artistic vehicle metal sculptures, card holders, lamps etc. They are some of the examples how scrap metals are used for making art objects.

How an art object is made from scrap metals:

Dumped air conditions, vehicles, aluminum cans, carriages and strollers, ladders, crates, metal buckets and industrial equipment are biggest scrap metal objects. Scrap metal artists take these articles and mold them into shapes which later serve in making art from scrap.

First step after having inspiration is to make pencil drawings of the subject. Every complete shape is a collection of smaller random shapes. It’s somewhat related to concept of limits in mathematics. When all shapes are identified, artists choose for scrap metals that best resemble the shapes. Unlike potters who have to form an object through wet clay, scrap metal artists have to rely only on existing shapes. They use various washers, dyers, gears, nuts, chains and bolts.

Metal crafts made through scrap art aren’t like placing circles into circled slots and squares into squared slots. This is rather like a puzzle where we have to test and see which shape fits best to the idea. Even a small Art From Scrap is the result of various juxtapositions of metal pieces until these make into a best composition. It involves a lot of scrap cleaning, cutting, bending process. And don’t ever think it possible without welding.

New Dimensions To be exploited with Scrap Metal Art:

Movie Art and Sci-Fi Art are biggest sources of inspirations for scrap metal artists. You must have seen many sculptures of Terminator s, Predators, Aliens, Spartans and Wall-E etc. They all come from same scientific fiction.

Though novelty without these sculptures isn’t losing any luster, yet corporate businesses and individual clients are more and more focusing on custom sculptures of their own needs. For example a business dealing with mobile services would need a unique mobile statue resting in the middle of lighting fountain of his office hall. For this reason scrap metal art is becoming more and more customized and personalized.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Scrap Metal Art: Modern Source of Interior Designing

Does everything following word ‘scrap’ is worth disposing of? At least metals aren’t. Metals don’t deserve to be thrown away as pieces of junk and scrap. Before we submit scrap metals to any junk yard, we must know that these metals must have their new life, new functions and new uses. Artists belonging to scrap metal art do firmly believe in this philosophy of metals’ utility and thus prove it every day by making great art pieces.

Scrap Metal Art into Your Business:

Have you seen people being awarded with beautifully engraved medallions? Are you inspired by uniquely etched plaques hanging on corporate buildings? These are all wonders of scrap metals which people have left unattended. Scrap metal can be used to make professional business signage for your businesses.

Uses of scrap metal art in businesses are not limited to few logo models or metal plaques. This art can be utilized to make almost all business articles for your business office, starting from unique card holders to amazing computer tables and furniture. And if you are engaged in some sort of entertainment industry, the attractions for art from scrap increase by hundred folds as sci-fi art and movie art can best be pitched into your business. You can decorate your hall room with amazing movie characters so that visitors may feel drawn towards your products. This is the modern form of interior design used to impress the visitors and clients.

Modern Interior Designing and Scrap Metals:

Importance of interior designing of offices, restaurants and houses cannot be denied even for a second. It’s an art that aims at influencing peoples’ moods, thoughts and ideas through various decorative articles. Coupled with scrap metal art this interior designing can trigger entirely unique impressions on the visitors visiting your place.

Whether you run a restaurant or you are a house architecture company, you need to present your services as fresh, unique and impressive. This art provides you with an opportunity where you can impress your each visitor with your refined taste and famously fresh innovation. If you are into selling vehicles, you will love the idea of having a modern Ferrari sculpture resting at the entrance. Likewise, if you are into running restaurants, you can make out a beautiful custom sculpture exciting visitors curiosity and imaginations. There will be no surprise if McDonald replaces its plastic clown with that of metal sculpture in future.

Scrap Metal and Ideas for your business:

You can also use scrap metal sculptures as huge attractions for your visitors. Before that you need to think which one product symbolizes your whole business. For example computers can be used to describe IT services. Headphones can be used to describe music services. Beverage bottles can be used to describe bar services. The point is that each industry carries a particular object to reflect its overall services.

You need to make sure which image/shape reflects your business. And when you decide that, you can make its sculpture. You must decide where you want it to be displayed, either in clients’ area or employees’ area. This will be the intangible source of attraction for your visitors and source of energy for your employees. This is how art from scrap can bring value to your business and inspire your visitors with awe.