Thursday, 15 November 2012

Small House? Let’s Make it Look Beautiful and Bigger

There are not much super-sized houses or apartments to live in. Most of us have to live in small spaces where many hours are spent contemplating different ways we could make our smaller spaces seemed bigger. Usually we think to open up walls, add windows, and dump things down so that use of space may be maximized.
It’s about remodeling our homes. Something like, living more in lesser space! And good thing is that it’s always possible to do so. If available space is used smartly, even a small room can appear visually large and comfortable. And if by any means, you are expert with Recycled Art and have inspiration for Metal crafts, you are sure to have the best out of your living house.

Live Large in Smaller Spaces:

How can we make our room bigger? Perhaps, we should break down the walls separating two adjacent rooms and turn those rooms into one bigger room. And perhaps, we should also dump every useless thing out of the door and things of some use be hidden out of sight. Ok. Lesser furniture would make apartment look large and all white color pallet too would flesh out the available space.
All things mentioned above, with an exception of one, don’t help at all and just waste of time, energy and of course money. Intelligently coupling of furnishes and trappings and smart selection of color schemes can create fetching space with flair. Let’s start remodeling with color rules.

Color Rules:

In fact there are no color rules. Just make sure that you choose very clear and sharp clears. Such colors increase the openness and clarity of the available space. A different dark color on one wall also makes it recede and expand smaller space visually. Contrasting dark colors over your furnishings and trappings will increase depth and detail in your room.

Slim, airy and open Furniture Articles

Keep your furnishings slim and smart. A bulky bed room in a small room gives no breath and sleep, but only nightmares. Choose small-scale articles of furniture; armless chairs, armless sofas are less bulky and allow more people to sit in. Besides while choosing your stylish furniture articles, don’t think square as such furniture makes corners useless. There are metal craft artists who can make any type of metal recycled art from things that have caught up all your space.
These crafts may include little wire rolling carts, hooks and lamp tables, ottomans e, vertical tiered wire storages etc. The key here is to keep these articles as much airy as possible so that they take little floor space. This way, these articles won’t visually weigh heavy. And the other thing is they must be multi-functional.

General Tips:
Besides these tricks, follow these general tips.
    1- Bumped out windows and doors opening outward are great way to enlarge the available space in any room.
    2- Use mirrors intelligently. Set them in a way they reflect open and bright images and not the clattered corners etc.
    3- Use nooks and crannies and staircase built-ins. This will allow you to use waste space properly.
    4- Remove the walls that don’t bear any loads. This will help erasing impressions of closed in box and open things up.
    5- And last but not the least, be stylish. By this, I mean follow a set of theme. For example if you are fan of sci-fi art , use your color decors and furniture that comes from your favorite sci-fi movie.
If you too are living in small room, it’s a confession time! You must have shown some great intelligence to maximize the use of your little available living space. Share your ideas and experiences with us.

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