Monday, 26 November 2012

Turn Your Room into Star Wars’ Galaxy

George Lucas’ epic Star War has always been passionately praised due to its acute originality and beautifully grafted storyline. This is the very movie which, ever since its first release, has altogether changed the movie culture of the world. Though idea of supernatural wasn’t any new for the then audience, but it was rather restricted to angels, fairies and magic lands. Ever expanding galaxies, epic space heroes and alien villains were not much on the scene.

Now, star wars haven’t only changed the whole Hollywood film making culture, it also has influenced our living styles. We love to be surrounded by accessories that are somehow related to star wars saga. There are star wars art based resorts and restaurants where people sit and dine. But this is not all. Young boys dream to be always surrounded by star wars characters and furnishings. So this article brings ideas of how to turn your home into one of star wars galaxies.

Star Wars themed Room:

If you are kicking off an idea of making a star wars themed rooms, we can get on it right here, right now. With so many star wars sculptures and decoration accessories available out in market, it literally looks odd to decorate walls with few star wars posters only. Recycled art is one of the coolest and biggest sources of making these star wars art pieces.
    1- First, start off with painting your room with all black. This will help creating a look of dark galaxies shown in star wars. Don’t worry, it won’t ever remain pure black.
    2- Add stars and planets to give your space a real audience. Though you can always have them pained on the walls with relevant paint colors, yet it’s interesting to use shooting stars and revolving planets and space themed moon in the form of pendants suspended from the ceiling. If you have seen pieces of art from scrap , you will realize that you can use gears and round globes to make ones for yourself.
    3- Now bring your line of characters into the room. Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Strom Trooper are some of my personal favorites from Star Wars. You can also choose the company that you love to be with. Again, these sculptures can be made from sci-fi art.
    4- Add frames and pictures so that a real professional scene is created. Use nice combination of lights so that a perfect ambience effect is created.
Support Recycling Art and Save Future:

Recycling, traditionally, implies breaking down used items into raw materials and then using those materials for brand new purposes. Similarly, recycling art refers to breaking used items into raw materials but using them for making pieces of art. Scrap metal artists use various junk metal articles such as nails, nuts, gears, chains, washers etc, and make sculptures and articles related to movie art.

Recycled art is most beautiful art and rather important in modern pretexts as well. From papers to plastics and from glass to metals, we produce huge wastes every day. It’s all getting alarmingly critical every next year. Skies are already burnt and oceans are polluted. It’s time to revitalize whole course of world affairs and recycled art is a challenging step towards better and pleasant future.

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