Monday, 30 July 2012

Do you love your environment? Then support recycled art

Fight for our own world:
It is 2012. Many people are saying that doom day is near. Some consider the Mayan’s prediction. And some consider something else, while saying this. I don’t know whether it is right or wrong. Only time will tell. But the basic reason that people are so confident about this and some people like me are so worried about world’s situation is none other than our dear global warming. There are numerous damages that global warming is causing our world. This includes destruction of ozone layer; sea levels are coming up and etc. Global warming today is the biggest dilemma that many environment related NGOs and authorities are facing. They are speechless against it.

No latest stats tell that it will be ended or controlled. It is increasing day by day. We all love our world. But this is the time when we are in a need to show our love. We all have to fight against the global warming. Now, let’s talk about who is the biggest contributor in global warming? Yes, that’s our industry. Our industry contributes in global warming like no other. But we cannot even blame our industry for this. Industry fulfils the created demand. And for that industry has to play with natural resources that world have. And as a matter of fact world does not contain never ending resources. Everything which apparently looks in mass also has some limits. That is why in such situations wasting resources and every time utilizing new resources is not a good idea.

Revolutionary Idea:
 Recently I have came across a type of art which is relatively a new type of art but have a great potential of protecting the environment and make the world ready to fight against global warming. This type of art is called recycled art. It uses all the old and used scrap and makes it something useful and consumable. That is why it is also called Art from scrap . Now the question comes that why is it revolutionary and how possibly it can help our environment to fight against global warming? Well the answer for this is simple. Creating useful items from already existed material will won’t create a demand for new type raw material or finished products. And the demands for so many things will be fulfilled without using a lot of new resources. And more we will be able to save the resources more the world would become competent to fight against global warming.

Support Art from scrap: 
The other aspect of this argument could be that recycling the wasted items needs a lot of resources like space and money. And recycling does pollute the environment too. But making items from that wasted scarp will help the environment to save itself from so many kinds of dangerous fumes.Today Scrap metal art and recycled art is not only saving the world from so many problems but it also providing people with so many amazing Metal crafts which people can use in their daily lives. But this art right now is in its infancy phase. And needs a proper attention and support. If we love our environment and are dedicated to eliminate dilemmas like global warming we have to support this time or art and we have to encourage its existence and growth. Because every long journey is started from a small step.

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