Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Plan a unique science convention’

We all love science:
I always thought science have a very unique and tempting sort of charm. No matter if you are a nerd or not, science always has a very catchy nature. But if you would ask me then the best combination that science has ever made, is with fiction. Believe me or not science and fiction has created so many amazing things which science and reality hasn’t. Now, many of us visit a lot of science conventions where different scientists showcase their work. And some of us actually arrange such conventions. And the core purpose behind this is to promote science across the masses.

And in order to attract more and more people, people who arrange such conventions try to bring in new and unique attractions so that people attend such conventions with full heart and they can have more visitors. But unfortunately sometimes they run out of ideas because so many things are already been show cased and they cannot show case anything else. But I am going to tell all those fellows about a very amazing and relatively very unique type of art which they can show case in their science conventions and attract a lot of people to attend these conventions. This type of art is called Sci-fi art.

Say ‘Hello’ to your friend Terminator:
As a matter of fact a lot of people living around the world have a very special type of love, belongingness with so many sci-fi characters. They watch sci-fi movies all the time and because of these movies they end up following a lot of sci-fi characters. If I give you the example of Terminator statue . This is a character from a Hollywood movie ‘Terminator’, and is a sci-fi character. Now believe me or not this would be next to impossible to find a single country across the globe where people does not know this character and admire this character. And so many characters like him. E.g. from star wars, transformers. Etc. People who follow these characters have a very deep wish to see them in real life that how to they look, what their details etc are.

Junk is the new science:
But this is not it, there is more to talk about when it comes to sci-fi art, movie art or star wars art. Because there is another very attractive thing about all these life size statues. That none of them are made with a new material or with new metal. Yes, artist from all around the world collect all the old pieces of metal and by combining them with their immense art skills they make that junk into these scintillating life size sculptures. And take my words as testimonials you cannot identify a single point which you might think that is different from a real character.

Artist brings in every little detail into it while making these characters. And these are the reasons that this type of recycled art is getting amazing fame all around the world. And so many museums are show casing these life size characters in their sci-fi sections.Without any doubt sci-fi art or movie art is one of the best ways to make your science convention best convention of the year. Because the more unique characters you would have the more visitors you will have.

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