Friday, 27 July 2012

If you are an Art Collector this is what you should read

Art is always tempting. None can deny the fact that when we see something fictional which actually doesn’t exist and something that may exist but we normally cannot see it or enjoy it we get attracted to that particular thing. Because this is the part of human psyche. And art of every type just captures that. Art believes on bringing in things that are unique and have the capability to shock a lot of people. And that is why we have so many people all around the world who just love art.
They are so obsessed with art that they start collecting art items and such people we call art collectors. These people normally have every art item available in their showcase. And still they search for more and more piece of art which they can put on their collector’s shelf. Now this might sound silly to a lot of people out there but as the title of this article describe all the art collectors would understand what I am saying. And what I am about to tell will be very interest grabbing for them.

Junk is the new art:
Recently a new type of art came into existence which is called scrap metal art. This is a type of art which does not use a single new item or a single new raw material to get into shape. Yes, you heard me right. Artist all around the world collect all the junk and wasted material from everywhere and bring them together in such a way that it become a very scintillating piece of art. This art is a sub category of recycled art Also known as Art from scrap . But what differentiate this type of art from others is that it makes very huge and life sized objects.

 Imagine the unimaginable:
Now just imagine that how revolutionary this idea is that you might see a bundle of junk which you want to through into your junk yard. Or you might see old car parts which you want to auction for nothing. But these artists see amazing Sci-fi art.How many characters do we follow because of different influences like Hollywood and other comic books? E.G. Terminator statue , Iron man, Predator, Iron clad etc. And we always wish that how great it would be if we could just touch these gigantic characters once. And thanks to these artists they made it actually possible. The beauty of this art is that is creates characters who looks exactly like new one. All the attributes and character detail of every character is same. Color, body, height, everything is same and exact.
Showcase Scrap Metal Art:

These characters are one of the finest art pieces which any collector can proudly show case. And not just that these all characters are made by non toxic metal. So it won’t be harmful at all to put them in your vault. Scrap metal art is getting very rapid popularity. All the big museums around the world and all the big sci-fi conventions and different Hollywood producers every year showcase these sculptures to get popularity. Considering the fact that this type of art is getting very fast popularity it would not be very wise to delay having a life size or a small sculpture for your art collection. And I reckon you do it first before your any other friend would get it.

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