Thursday, 19 July 2012

The future of Recycled Art

The world of Art:

World is full of art. Everything that we see is the piece of art. Nothing in this world created without the help of art. Everything needs art involved in it. The keyboard I am typing from, the screen you are looking at. The chairs, the walls, the tables, if they were without art or had no shape or artistic aesthetics, nobody ever preferred to have them. Anything without art gets rejected. And anything with art gets accepted. That’s the rule of nature. Art never create something new it uses already existed things which might never be acceptable by anyone before in such a way that then nobody can stop himself from accepting it.

May be right now somewhere in your junkyard, or somewhere in your dustbin there are scintillating pieces of art are hidden. You might think that they are junk, waste, scrap, or useless items. But an artist who creates art from scrap would not agree with you. He would see amazing characters, products and collector’s item in that very junk yard. Recycled art is new form of art which creates amazing piece of art out of something which you once rejected or thrown out.

Revolutionary idea of recycling:

Every day people waste a lot of used cars parts, nails, bolts, etc. Scrap metal art uses them all and create amazing characters which now a day even a lot of museums are buying to showcase. This art completely changed the concept of recycling. Because there was a time when in order to recycle all the waste we had to spent a lot of money, space, and other resources. But keeping in mind the limited resources of everything this world have. Wasting things is never a good idea.

Artist who perform art from scrap use every type of junk, they use old clothes, wasted, bottles, used car parts, used appliances, nails etc. And using the non toxic pieces of junk they create amazing things which have certain use, and instead of throwing it in the dust bin you prefer to use them as a d├ęcor an item.

The future is bright:

World is facing global warming. There are so many organizations and NGO’s are working to fight against global warming. And they bring in the concept of green world. The future of recycled art seems even brighter. Because this form of art serves a lot in order to help make the world green and fight against the global warming. Scrape metal art uses all the non toxic material to re produce amazing characters, which might have gone wasted if artists would never bring in this idea. Wastage of metal and all other items requires a lot of resources and the trade off of wastage is pollution.

But in order to be hundred percent green recycled arts needs to do know that the creation of Art from scrap should be dependent upon bio fuels because it will decrease the dependence upon oil which traps the world into heat. Then the Scrap metal art should be performed on only Non-toxic material. And above all the concept of green supply chain must be introduced along the entire supply chain of recycled art.

And definitely no lies, because if the recycled art would not be according to the fundamental rules of fighting against the global warming, then even its existence is of no good.The future of art from scarp is very artistic and bright. If you also want to be a part of this must visit And acquire a nice piece of scrap metal art.

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