Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What is wasted may never become useless

Transformation of scrap into collector’s item:

It is the human psychology, whatever stops giving us pleasure we waste it. In our daily lives we have so much to waste. But considering the fact that world have certain resources of everything, do we really think wasting is a good idea. We the scrape sculptures don’t think so.

Let’s just imagine that how much it would increase the capabilities of the world if we start utilizing what has been wasted. Here at scrape sculptures prevails the idea of utilizing what is being wasted. If we look beyond in the history of art so we find out that art is mostly liked more if it is in some unconventional form. So many artists thrive to differentiate their selves from others by bringing in something which never existed before. People like something unique and out of the ordinary rather than something common or ordinary. And the nature of art does not allow it to be normal or ordinary it has to be unique and uncommon. Or if I would more say it more explicitly, something which has never been imagined before. And recycled art is one of those unique and unconventional ideas.

The unique type of art, Recycled art.

Recycled art is getting famous everywhere and especially now more than ever before. Now more and more artists are very much willing to utilize which once use to be wasted. Different techniques are being used in this regard like recycling, Reusing, Up cycling. Artists are using recycles bottles, plastic caps, and recycled electronic parts to create the wonderful products which customers all around the globe happily buy.
It’s all about changing the lenses that how do you look at different things. You could see wasted car parts wasted motorcycle parts wasted nails or the whole wasted yard, or you could see amazing sculptures with scintillating aesthetics and eye catching home or office decor piece of art.

As a matter of fact we know that the people appreciate art no matter how and which form it is. If something is communicating creativity everyone is ready to appreciate it and own it. There is whole niche market exist who wants to buy creativity no matter how expensive it is.whoom we normally call collectors or the art lovers. Scrape metal art is nothing but another amazing piece of creativity which brings the total new dimension to the things we normally waste or recycle. It is the vision of providing people collector’s items out of scrape. Out of classic imagination, No?

How the art from scrap making things useful?

Now let’s talk about how it works. This art requires all the skills which any other form of art would ask for. But the only difference is its unconventional nature. Our artists first imagine great characters people normally follow because of Hollywood or different comic books and are normally made of iron or any other metal. Then our artists bring in the concept of Art from scrap and use all the recycled scrap metal which is Non-Toxic or in other words safe, environmental friendly, and sustainable. Then they carefully or we would say artistically weld all the pieces to give the sculpture a shape. After the complete welding process the process of beautification begins which converts the once rejected piece of metal into a piece of art. And now all the rejected or recycled material is something which you would delightfully can place on your collector’s shelf or in your office or house space.

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  1. Absolutely correct, I found a few similar blogs talking about creativity from waste fabric. The developed beautiful quilt covers, mattresses etc. Some created beautiful designs from metal scrap. Moral of the story is that used or junk material can be used to create beautiful things if you show some creativity