Sunday, 22 July 2012

Transformed junk

Fiction has its Realities:
People always appreciate fiction and fantasy. Anything that could take you away from the real world is always tempting. It is always amazing to imagine what is not possible. Since the Hollywood is being made, a lot of movies came and gone. But they left some inevitable characters and some inevitable sci-fi fiction movies. And still Hollywood release a lot of sci-fi fiction movies every year. As a matter of fact people follow these sci-fi characters more than they follow real time characters. Terminator, Star wars characters are few of them. And we all think that how amazing it would have been if we could just see those characters in real life and touch them.

Recently I have seen a form of art which actually made this wish come true. People normally call this type of art Recycled Art and it is also known as art from scrap. Artist around the world by using this type of art create terminator statue, star wars art, Sci- fi Art, and metal crafts. How they make these characters is more amazing than these characters. All of these characters are made by using the wasted pieces of cars, metal, nails and all the metal which we normally waste and through in our junk yard.

Sci-Fi Art:

The creation of characters like terminator statue and other metal craft needs a lot of hard work and of course a lot of art. First the Recycled art artists think of an idea that what character they have to create. They gather different ideas about different characters. This includes the selection of the character and attributes of that character. And once the character is being decided artist starts to collect the metal which is required to form this character.

Terminator statue have a great detail. It requires so many different types of metal. Metal that artist collect from different sources is normally of the raw nature. And needs proper conversion and welding process. Plus another very important thing here to mention is that every metal that recycled art’s artists collect is of non toxic nature. And environmental friendly. And once the collection of the material is done the process of combining the pieces to make the metal craft starts.

This is the point where the artist puts his hundred percent in order to make the Sci- fi art look like the original one. All the attributes that these characters normally have are exactly similar to the original one. Like holding a gun, red eyes etc. And when the process of combining pieces end the process of beautification of these metal crafts starts. In this process artist matches the color theme of these sci-fi characters with the original one.

Let’s Showcase:

Sci-fi art, terminator statues, and all the metal crafts are getting appreciated everywhere. There is a great response from everywhere. People are bamboozled with the idea of transforming junk into a collector’s item. There are so many museums across the world who have placed the life sized terminator statues and other metal crafts in their show case. is helping the world in so many other factors as well. Recycling for instance which requires a lot of money and space and yet pollute the environment is diminishing with concept of. It is good for the world having such techniques introduced every now and then, in order to save the environment.

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