Monday, 1 October 2012

A Heaven of Hell and Hell of Heaven

‘The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven’, said John Milton in his epic ‘Paradise Lost’. Though he was talking about mind in general and not about men’s mind, this is universal explanation of mind state. A catalyzed and eager mind always finds realms to satisfy its adventurous instincts.
Under the same adventurous instincts, men started campaigns to find the truths of life and thus scientific disciplines were formed. Initially science happened to be a Moses’ staff which turned mankind’s miser destiny for the good and proved how we can make heaven of hell but I am afraid, things did not remain same for long enough and we built war air-crafts, missiles, atomic bombs for our self destruction. Now science is being used to make hell of heaven. Nevertheless, art is still blessing in disguise for the minds which are adventurous and want to make hell of heaven again.

Planet of Wasteland:

Whether industrialism has changed the world for the better or worse, it has surely brought in unprecedented amount of wastes with it. Just have a look at statistics relating to America. According to studies conducted in 2005, America’s 300 million people comprise only 5% of world’s total population. And America, being the leading waste producer in the world, produces quarter of world’s waste. It’s terrible to see that 5% of the world is able to produce one-fourth of the world’s junk. By seeing these deteriorating ecological conditions, we need to realize that economic stability relies only on ecological sustainability. Standards of success of any society should also be revised once for all. To see how good a society is, we need to see how its garbage is recycled and not by how many things are produced.

Recycle. Recycle efficiently and quickly. This is what we need now. Art from Scrap metal is the most innovative and exciting form of recycling wastes. Recycled art firmly believes in making heaven of hell. It’s always wonderful to see how one man’s junk is turned into another’s artwork. Not all the metals need to go wreck yards, some need artists’ creative desks as well. What can be created with this scrap? Your imagination is limit. From extra-terrestrial cyber cops to mammoth mammal structures, everything can be created by using simple metal scraps such as bike chains, plugs, gears and cables etc.

Recycling and Recycled Art:

‘Sorting, collecting and recreating’, this is how recycling works. Almost everything that we see around was once created. Once useless, it can be recycled to create another thing. The most recyclable materials include metals, papers, clothes, biodegradable waste and plastic etc. Each of recyclable material described before, involves particular recycling method. US environmental agency conducted a research on recycling and they came up with great results. According to the results formed after research, using recycled metals helps in saving 75% energy. Air pollution and water pollution reduces by 86% and 76% respectively. But recycling runs along the risks of accidents, injuries and even deaths.

Artists see grotesque things as quite fascinating subjects for their art. Recycled art provides adventure without any risks that is not only exciting but is safe for society as well. Metal craftsare exciting not only to see but they are worth keeping as art pieces as well.

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