Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Terminators, Aliens, Transformers, Predators || From Fantasies to Facts

Gardens turned into star wars ordeal, study rooms shaped into Skynet’s terminators and sitting lounge furnished with furniture made out of roasted metals! This is what a sci-fi fan is surrounded with all the time. Sci-fi art coupled with recycled art is a unique blend of two extremes.

Recycled art propagates essence of transmigration. It tells that there is always a better use for things that have been discarded and abandoned as litter, waste, junk and scrap. And when things can be used again and again, in one form or another, there comes reason for the future. And what future will be like? Watch movie art. Sci-fi art becomes the liaison to the future and predicts how it would be or could be.

Science fiction versus Physical Sciences:

A lot of people are confused about sci-fi movies and literature. They tend to take it as practically nonsensical and claim the characters and events to be far removed from reality. How can an air craft kiss the face of sun whose rays are powerful enough to melt the rocks from the farthest distances? How can machines run mankind into slavery when their own existence rests at our disposal? How can we move faster than light when ‘special theory of relatively’ tells it’s practically impossible to move faster than light?

In short, to arguers, science fiction is nowhere close to physical sciences and thus, has no importance in our lives. And frankly speaking, I don’t have any bones to pick with them over their statement. But, Science fiction never aims at following establishes rules, theories and facts of science. It’s ironic to expect ‘fiction’ obeying physical rules of world. Fiction in its very nature needs to be imaginative and needs not necessarily be based on facts. Once this difference is understood and accepted, science fiction will ultimately start impressing upon hearts and minds.

Future shown today:

‘Science is what you know of today and science fiction is what you should know of tomorrow. Physical science deals with the facts but facts formulation carries a comprehensive process of hypothesizing and experimenting before forming conclusive facts. And based on these facts, relevant technologies are developed and, these technologies ultimately define the course of future.

Science fiction moves on other grounds; imaginative and artistic realms of mind. And once ideas propagated in movie art find potentials, scientists gear themselves up to bring it into reality. For instance, Jonathan Swift, couple of centuries ago, was first to introduce flying machines in his ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ and when readers first read it, they called it impossible to have them around. But, now the air traffic is jam pack with all types of air crafts. So, the fantasies of past have become realities of present. Under same wings, today’s fantasies will become future’s commonplace realities.

Recycled Art and Sci-fi Characters:

In our times when environment is the pressing issue everywhere, recycled art promises the survival. And scrap metal artists are the ones who not only show their passion for bringing life to the dead but by making sci-fi characters, they unwind the relations among all; past, present and future. For those who know how science works on the basis of sci-fi art, there would be no surprises for them when they see terminators doing their dishes and aliens doing office works with them in their offices in future. Because, sooner or later, fantasies are sure to become facts.

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