Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Clean Up the Entire Planet

We have built aero planes and trains for mass transportation and have created internet and mobile phones for mass communication. Frankly speaking, this all is wonderful and our lives without all these machines would be next to death. But at what costs did we achieve all this?

We made all this progress at the cost of our earth that we live in. The heart of earth has been torn apart for getting its buried treasures; the trees have cut down to fend for our energy needs, protective layers of our environment have been terribly shoot down and now the entire world is bruised and needs embalmment. How can we make our environment life friendly again? Recycling holds the key to our planet’s survival that in turn promises our existence.

Recycling needs worldwide encouragement:
After years of reckless exploitation of environment, decades of pollution and centuries of terrible resource depletions, our planet is at the verge of destruction and now, as never before, it is our responsibility to take cautions in our lives. World affairs have now been so much dependent on all natural sources that it’s almost impossible to stop their usage, particularly of metals, right away is impossible. So recycling and Recycled art must be encouraged globally.

Recycling resembles exercising. We all are well aware of the fact that we do need it yet we never take any initiatives towards practically doing them and while doing so, we know that we are risking our health and life. Generally we are prone to thinking garbage and food packaging only as litter and junk and nothing in particular is wrong with this approach. Scrap metal is also another most widely referred litter which comprises almost 40% of the world litter collected worldwide. Recycling all them would be miraculously healing for our world because it must lead to following results.

Cutting Down Global Warming:
Even dumping scrap is hazardous to environment as it increases leaching of toxic materials, pollution and environmental degradation. Producing certain elements right from scratch not only results in more energy consumption but also leads to increasing global warming. For example, Al production creates 95% more CO2 as compared to recycled Al.

Recycling is not always about melting metals and molding them into newer shapes for fresh use. Using metals for newer purposes too is prime example of Recycling. A lot of artists are using scrap metals in various art forms such as Movie art or Star wars art. Pieces of scrap metals are acquired from various sources and all these pieces are used in such a way as to make different sculptures, sci-fi characters and vehicles.

Better Energy Consumption:
Recycling ultimately spares us with a lot of energy that was once to be used for creating metals from the start. To make it stand out, let’s follow plastic recycling which consumes twice lesser energy than making new plastic. Once this energy is saved, it can be used for better purposes and would surely help in meeting with its ever increasing demands. It’s not all but just a cog in the wheel. This recycling helps in reducing air pollution, improving water sources and eco-friendly environment.

Be the change that you want:
Almost every one of us should practice recycling as much as possible and help each other in strengthening our planet. Collectively we all can bring the difference that we want and speak about.

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