Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Modern Age and Modern Hobbies – Start Collecting Your Favorite Scrape Metal Art Pieces

Metal Sculptures – What are metal sculptures? Em… Well! Metal sculptures are nothing but lined drawings in 3 dimensional forms. Metal sculptures can be many things. They can be dynamic; they can move and they can interact. They can whatever your imagination wants them to be. They can be Church buildings and they can also be Christmas trees. They can be trains and planes and, they can also be passengers. They can be anything and they can be everything.

Am I Scrap Metal Artist?

Have you seen any potters doing clayware? They make things out of clay. And what they can make from clay? Everything that can be imagined. How do they do it? Wet clay is used to form the desired object and then this wet object is put into any furnace until it hardens and strengthens.

Scrap metal artists also do the same. How? They too make things. The only difference is that scrap metal artists, as the name implies, use metals for making objects of their interest. They use these deserted and dejected shapes to form a fresh shape—known as scrap metal art. Nuts, bolts, screws, washers, keys, sprockets, chains, gears etc. are common elements of any art from scrap. These pieces are blended and welded together in such uniformity that ‘WOW’ becomes irresistible. You might have realized that you too have heaps of scrap metal around you such as broken watches, engine spare parts, outdated motherboards and hard disks etc. Well, don’t throw them away. Use them for recycled art. What you need is just little creativity and some tools.

Sci-fi Movie Monsters:

Though scrap metal art allows you to make whatever you imaginations want yet most of the inspiration comes through sci-fi movies. Sci-fi movies are biggest source of inspiration for scrap metal artists as these movies provide with plenty of metallic characters. And more interestingly, these characters carry so much details with them that one wonders whether they are metals or real alive characters. Sci-fi art is all about making these characters through scrap metals.

Let’s have a look at Terminator Statue. Its 7.5 feet tall sculpture with 5 main parts namely head, torso, 2 arms and legs. All pieces are can easily be joined with one another allowing you to move it from one place to the other without needing any tools. Though it’s merely a sculpture yet it inspires the same awe and fear as in movies.

Likewise, Star wars Art is quite celebrated among scrap metal artists. These artists aren’t letting epic star wars fade from memories. Characters from Darth Vader to R2D2 and C3PO are still alive through this art. The best thing about these star wars characters is that they are not as huge as they were in movie. They are smaller, they are beautiful and they are interactive. By seeing these sculptures you will realize that turning your drawing room into one of star war’s galaxies won’t be a bad idea at all.

Recycled art and you:

Art stays one step ahead of its contemporary sciences. Just as people have habit of collecting stamps, collecting books, collecting stones, increasing number of people are growing habit of collecting recycled art pieces. With these articles, they decorate their gardens, their restaurants, their games houses and even their drawing rooms.

What would you like to have in your drawing rooms or gaming rooms? Terminator Statue or Star wars army?

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