Thursday, 27 September 2012

Darth Vader, The Archetype Evil of Star Wars -- I see your lack of faith disturbing

Academy award winning concept artist Ralph McQuarrie died few months ago. Ralph’s work included iconic Star wars’ characters such as Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO, Bob Fett and Chewbacca. Ralph’s characters in American epic film series, Star wars, bred such hollering influence on contemporary arts that the whole art disciplines, from novels to cinematography, felt their echoes.

Ralph’s acute mastery in art is truly depicted in these characters. Take Darth Vader, for example. Like Shakespeare’s Iago, he is the meanest. But, he is something more than that. He is meanest, brutal, minacious and Mephistophelean killing cyborg. Is that all about him? Of course not, Ralph coated such an appearance for him which portrays evil monster lying underneath.

Darth Vader and Star Wars:

Vader epitomized star wars art. His presence was enough to strike audience with fear and awe. 7 feet tall monster was not any rock-star villain doing swashbuckling action adventures and spin kicks. Vader was a tough tough tough enemy whose giant size with unmatched strength was enough to whack and smack down any opponent in the galaxy.

‘Leave them to me, I will handle them myself’, this is how Vader walks and talks. Ralph designed Vader’s character in a way that it creates shudder in the spinals; fearsome and terrifying. Everyone who sees Vader feels looming shadow of death over his head. His highly refined and fine polished black helmet with edges protruding downwards was powerful enough to show the sinister face that lurked under it. The eyes were seemed bulging and were bulbous. The sealed collar wrapped around Vader’s neck and at the back he had a cloak covering his black backpack.

Even after 3 decades of presence, Vader’s uniqueness hasn’t ever dipped an inch. Science fiction lovers just love to have his costume replicas, his sculptures and his movie posters. Just google Darth Vader and you will see thousands of people quoting his dialogues all around the forums.

Vader’s Sculptures:

Vader’s sculptures are quite cool and any man who loves metal crafts would love to have his hands on these sculptures made out of scrap metals and junk parts. 12 inches tall, sculpture made of nuts, bolts, vehicle parts and chains is really an amazing piece of art, worth keeping in art rooms and studies tables.
There is a special thing about these Vader’s incarnations. Vader is known as archetype villain in star wars saga and his appearance is quite intimidating that best suits his actions and character. But his reincarnations in the form of sculptures aren’t scary and hideous at all. They are rather loveable and cheery.
These sculptures are best satisfying for both, science buffs and art devotees. Unlike other creations, these sculptures are made with recycled art, they don’t hang heavy on pockets as well. They are the best decorations and best gifts as well.

Star Wars Art:

Star wars art is really fascinating as it provides us an escape from our earthly affairs and takes us to the far off galaxy empires, full of more wicked and more fancied powers than ours. Almost every creation relating to star wars, from books to dramas and characters to conversations, is interesting. Star war movies alone had a ground beating success, with the gross earnings of 4.5 billion dollars along with Academy awards.

Though it has been quite some time that we have seen any Star Wars movie, but star wars art is keeping us alive to the other far flung worlds of princes, knights and witches.

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