Wednesday, 12 September 2012

‘A thing of beauty is joy forever; its loveliness increases, it will never pass, into nothingness’, how amazingly John Keats described enigmatic essence of beauty. In truth beauty is more than just a beauty, it’s rather an art; an art that inspires sensation into the minds of both, creator and audience. As in his ‘Ode to Grecian Urn’, Keats reveals his awe and inspiration for Roman Sculptors built hundreds of years earlier. His ending lines of this ode show his love for art and beauty.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty,   --   that is all

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’

Contemporary Metal Art:
This thirst of beauty and creativity has led men from traditional art domains to avant-garde metal art. Frankly speaking, metal art too bears thousands of history with human kind, perhaps earliest form of art creations belong to metals and are from Bronze Age. But as soon as star wars from George Lucas reached public, it spawned altogether a whole new lot of Movie Art , under the banner of ‘expanded universe’.

Don’t tell me if you hadn’t seen ‘Real Steel’ from Hugh Jackman released last year. A more social and more realistic form of Star wars Art, this movie offers new horizons to explore through blending scrap metal art and modern artificial intelligence sciences.For now, we should start knowing what can be achieved out of junks of metal scraps available all around us. It won’t only be satisfying your creative shafts of mind but would also be greasing for your rusted valet in your pocket. These junks which apparently worth least dimes, can bring you huge money trams for you in future

Creativity and Art reaching their pinnacles:
It’s intuitive to all of us that if your ‘subject’ can be made with ‘mud’ bricks and metals’ it could surely be built with scraps’. So what you are willing to make out with your junk in your basement workshop. Give a try to the following.
• Furniture
• Sculpture
• Nuts and bolts forms
• Interior and exterior decors
• Art pieces
You don’t need to set up any welding plant and melting furnace to make these things. Just simple metal hand tools, bending machines and safety equipment is required and then you are good to kick off with scrap metal art.Recycled Art, broadly known as scrap metal art could also turn out as long lasting hobby. Initially there aren’t any soft strokes of brushes and mind pleasing flows of crayons, and you might be feeling scary about welding, brazing and soldering stuff.
Let me show you some elementary work that you can start right away.

Nuts and Bolts Chess:
Take any square metal sheet. Start making a checkered floor in blacks and whites. Almost all of shapes such as pawn, bishop, knight, queen etc, can easily be made with easily available scrap lying in your workshop, warehouse or junk yard. Elegance and fine-tuning is critical to scrap art. So give an extra time to make end product as much polished as possible.

Scrap Metal Dog:
Give a shot to scrap metal dog as well. It’s rather easier and more interesting. You need a spring, hexagonal nuts, washers and wires. Following image tells you how you should do it. As told earlier, depending upon your muse to creativity, you can create anything, from animals to flowers and from furniture to terminator sculptor. I would advise you to learn some basic techniques of welding and soldering as you would need them quite frequently.
The world is an oyster! This is how artists have always felt and believed.

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