Wednesday, 26 September 2012

This Planet Is A Game Reserve – Predators Watch Us

Though there are no conclusive evidences found about extraterrestrial life yet we are so much swayed with aliens that modern literature, in its all forms, often embarks on describing aliens as part of our life. From green eyed creatures of flesh to computer-like intelligent steel bodied structures, we see these aliens in different cinematic movies, bookish novels and sometimes in poetic rhetoric as well.

Whether they exist in real life or they do not, their references have really taken presence into real life. Where did it all start from? It’s a long story and perhaps dates back to the times when Gods were being created throughout the world. But, modern highly ingenious, nth’ times intelligent and strong aliens are produced no earlier than McTiernen’s Predators back in 1987. Apart from movie Art, these aliens have gained special dug out in other art forms, notably in sculptures.

Predator and Predators:
When Sylvester’s Rocky ended in its rounds, and there was no other challenger on the earth to stand against Rocky, people started saying that now only some extraterrestrials would come and fight him. Perhaps Rocky’s creators did not pay much heed to this potential elevation but McTiernen surely found his venture lying herein. It was the idea that led to ‘Predator’ (1989), first of its name. Ever since Predator was released, it followed various comics and sequels.

The latest remake of this predator was released in 2010. Technology has seen unmatched progress during these 23 years and super powers of first predator now seem quite easily submissive to any modern commando. So, 23 years later, did predators update their technology? It’s quite interesting to see both versions of predator in a go and see the differences.Nevertheless predators found much appreciation around recycled art practitioners who just love to make their sculptures. Once only seen at movie museums, these sculptures have gained commonplace among households. Can you spot the physical difference between sculptures of 1989 predator and 2010’s predators?

Various forms of Predator’s Sculpture:
Sculptures made out of recycled art have their own peculiar beauty, far more entertaining and pleasing than that of traditional steel sculptures. Predator’s sculptures are best suited to be placed in studies rooms or TV lounges. This is where they inspire most exciting feelings and ideas.Anyhow, there are various forms of predators, varying in their sizes, weapons and shields. And commonly used parts are nuts, bolts, bike chains, spark plugs and screws etc. Based on different designs, these sculptures carry different amazing features. Their weapons are removable and replaceable. Sometimes, these metal crafts can move their head and torso. List can extend to various pages.

Custom Predator’s Sculpture:
How does it sound when you are asked to choose any features that you may like to bring with predators. Of course, in movies such effects can always be created but what about having cool physical features in sculptures? It’s rather about engineering and art working together. You can have your custom made predator’s sculpture as well. Besides chain ball and axe, you can hand them over sniper guns and belt them with hand grenades. I have often thought of getting predators sculptures made for ghost-rider bikes.
Only time will tell what predators will look like in next sequels or what next technologies they would carry along. Until then, recycled art creates more refined, more sustainable and more loveable sculptures. Have your predator and be the part of next generation predators’ crew.

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